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Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

About Us

Live Life Healthcare offers a Sober and healing space to begin your recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Anyone May Join Us


LLHC offers a Sober and healing space to begin your recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Live Life HealthCare journey begins with a mingled supervision of Mr. Gurjeet Singh Dutta and Mr. Priyank Khetarpal in year 2012. They came together to help those people who are trapped in the cycle of addiction to drugs, alcohol & other substances.

LIVE LIFE HEALTHCARE's , provide comprehensive addiction and dual diagnosis treatment, prevention, education, and research programmes that are recovery-oriented, based on research, and patient-oriented. The dedicated staff and faculty seek to engage individuals and families through motivational, culturally competent, goal-focused treatment, in compassionate, caring environments at accessible community locations. Recovery is fostered and promoted through the establishment of a healing partnership that addresses the biological, psychosocial, and spiritual aspects of addiction. With patients, we provide a broad variety of services for practically every type of addiction.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to help each client for find their own path towards recovery by providing them with the tools they need to succeed in their recovery process. We Provide best facility possible so that you can find whole-body healing. Our team will work closely with each client on their own individualized plan of action so that we can provide the best possible care for each individual's needs. Our team is here to represent you and assist you to overcome the challenges and roadblocks that are probably to occur during early recovery. Our services are designed to help you beat your addiction and get on the road to recovery. We specialize in Alcohol and Drug detox, Heroin addiction treatment, Cocaine addiction treatment, Fentanyl addiction treatment, Meth addiction treatment, Opioid addiction treatment, Prescription drug addiction treatment, Xanax addiction treatment, Gambling addiction treatment and Marijuana addiction treatment

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Our Vision

At Live Life HealthCare, you’ll have a detox experience unlike any other. Allow us to assist you in regaining your peace and constructing a better and brighter future. During your stay in our inpatient detox, you will be able to heal in an atmosphere that is free of outside influences and triggers. Overall, our goal is to set our patients up to have the very best chances of achieving long-term sobriety. Our restoring experience is designed to prepare our patients for continued care. Furthermore, we embrace innovative treatment interventions that have proven efficacy in treating drug and alcohol addiction.

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Our Pathways

LLHC focuses on Alcoholic Anony-mous & Narcotic Anonymous 12-step programs for various addictions and compulsive behaviors, ranging from Cocaine Anonymous to Debtors Anonymous. Although the 12 Steps are based on spiritual awareness, many nonreligious people have found the program

immensely helpful. The language emphasizes the presence of God as each participant understands God, allowing for different interpretations and religious beliefs.
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Our Addiction Treatment Program

LLHC focus on specific therapies and other lifestyle sessions that help individual's recovery stronger. LLHC Specified areas:
-Single Client Specific Treatment
-Individual Therapy & Group Therapy
-Family Counseling
-Relapse Prevention Plan & Post Treatment Therapy
-Life Management Session & Life Coaching
-Yoga & Meditation Session
-Dance & Other Session
-Cognitive & Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

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