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Yoga is a spiritual and physical practice.

Yoga for Addiction Recovery.

Yoga is a mindfulness activity that can help people deal with stressful situations, including those involving addiction and recovery. The practice uses physical and mental techniques to target the part of the brain affected by substance use disorders and to reduce drug cravings. It may be most effective when used alongside therapy.

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Yoga is a spiritual and physical practice

Yoga is increasingly being used in drug abuse treatment programs and throughout recovery to help people avoid relapse, reduce withdrawal symptoms, and find a healthy way to cope with stressors and triggers. Yoga is a set of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines intended to help improve mood and sense of well-being. The activity uses body postures, breathing modulations and meditation techniques to promote physical strength, relaxation and spirituality.
Being aware of the stages of relapse and having a plan to deal with them can help prevent you from using again.
“Yoga offers a unique combination of physical exercises and relaxation techniques that are unlike any other conventional exercises,”

Meditation is a stress-relieving and meditative practice.

Meditation is a health and wellness technique that focuses on teaching your mind to focus on one thing at a time. One of the main purposes of the practice is to teach people how to fully enjoy the present moment. Participants can achieve mental clarity, peace, and stability by focusing on the now rather than the past or future Meditation has been shown to transform the brain, in addition to helping individuals better regulate emotions, manage stress, and create an overall healthier consciousness. Meditation can help recovering addicts address some of the underlying reasons associated with their substance use challenges by evoking good brain changes.

“Yoga Increases a Natural Brain Chemical that Controls Anxiety and Stress”
Substance abuse and addiction are linked to stress and anxiety. According to research, the majority of people who struggle with addiction utilize addictive substances to cope with stress or anxiety. Yoga, helps to enhance a naturally occurring brain chemical that helps us manage stress, anxiety, and challenging situations in a healthy manner. GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) levels in the brain rise when yoga methods are practiced. When we are faced with anxiety or stress, GABA, a chemical produced by the brain, acts as a natural antidepressant, calming us down.

Rehabilitation centre, Live life healthcare, nasha mukti kendra, noida

Benefits of yoga and meditation?

Yoga and meditation are integrated into the therapy curriculum for a variety of reasons. Both promote wellness and can help to improve the physical body, reduce stress, and relax the mind.

  • • Stress relief.
  • • Increased physical stamina and strength.
  • • Self-reflection and increased self-awareness.
  • • Healthier exercise and eating habits.
  • • Pain relief.
  • • Better sleep.
  • • Increased energy levels.
  • • Reduction in fatigue.
  • • Emotional healing.
  • • Overall health and wellness improvement.

Is yoga, meditation and pranayama being helpful in de addiction treatment?

Yes yoga, meditation and pranayama being helpful in de addiction treatment. These greatly helpful in relaxation, flexibility, purification, pain relief, improves the sleeping pattern and manage stress level in each patient. Even at home if practiced regularly it help us to improve energy, strong will power and flexibility in our body and brain. Practicing yoga regularly by addicts help in them in better blood circulation, better posture, energy, flexibility and no ache anywhere in the body, better digestion, better lungs and heart functioning, no diabetes and activeness in nervous system. All these together helps the less chances of withdrawals and handle it normally, weakens the aggression in them, better breathe control, gradual reduction in stress level, hormones regularity and helpful in managing anxiety in patients.

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